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Join Us in Supporting Ukrainian Refugees and Their Pets

Dog laying in bed with a toy

My first night in my forever home.

Let me Introduce Myself

Hi, my name is Ranger and I am a rescue pup from Minnesota. Before I found my forever home, I was wondering around the southern states, scrounging around for food and water. Unfortunately, I chewed on rocks, and drank from contaminated water, thus ending up with Giardia, and a mouth full of chipped teeth.  Luckily, my life took a turn and I ended up at the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota. I was terrified by everything, especially humans and the outdoors. After being at the shelter for a few weeks, I finally found my forever home. Now, I am one of the happiest dogs, whos tail is wagging, who is healthy, and is loved each and every day. I am currently spending my days helping out at Team Bottles. Don’t worry, I am getting treats for all my hard work.


Unfortunately, not all animals are as lucky as me. There are many animals on the streets around the world just trying to survive. My goal is to help gain awareness and donate to animals just like me. Join us in supporting Ukrainian refugees and their pets.


Dog wearing green shirt standing in front of a computer desk.

Sending in a $100 donation to IFAW.

We Want to Help

While I was clicking around on the computer, I came across a organization called IFAW. IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) is a global leader in animal rescue and emergency care. Due to current events, the animals in Ukraine are suffering, and Team Bottles and I want to help in any way we can!

According to IFAW, their goal is to help Ukrainian refugees have their pets/families with them and remain together. They are doing everything they can to make this possible. The dogs and cats they have seen are often hungry, dehydrated and showing signs of hypothermia.  Most of them are in the recovery process for further cross-border travel.

Here at Team Bottles, our goal is to help our community stay healthy and hydrated with our personalized water bottles.



Donate Today

Team Bottles is donating $100 to IFAW in helping more animals. Join us in supporting Ukrainian refugees and their pets, and donate today. Even $5 can change an animals life forever.