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Hockey Arena Wall Mural Brings the Rink Home!

Hockey Arena Wall Mural

Customized hockey arena wall decals with goalie net


A roaring crowd, blaring goal horns, $20 pretzels, there is nothing like cheering on your favorite hockey team at a home game. One Minnesota hockey fan decided to take matters into their own hands and bring a piece of the home game experience to their home with life size sports wall decals. The result was a beautiful hockey arena wall mural that any hockey fan would love in their home!

Hockey Arena Wall Mural – The Project

Inspired by a post they saw on the popular social media site, Pinterest, a hockey lover from Edina, Minnesota contacted us to see if we were up to the challenge of turning a 25-foot section of their basement hockey rink into a crowd scene at a hockey game by designing and installing a hockey arena wall mural. Additionally, our client wanted to incorporate members of their family and the legendary Herb Brooks into this game day depiction. Finding the perfect picture for this project would make the Miracle on Ice look like a scrimmage. So, our design team suited up and created an original work of art by weaving dozens of pictures together.

The Challenge

Imagine a Rocky-esque training montage of mouse clicking, image resizing, pixel splicing, and color correction; this was some expert level wall art graphic design! This home hockey rink would not be complete without wall decal stickers featuring their school team logos on the adjacent wall. While Team Bottles is no stranger to sports decals for walls, this was not a typical project for us. Our sister company, Wrap City Graphics, is quite familiar with wall graphics and was up to the challenge! It only took one of their 3M certified installers half a day to bring this wall mural to life. The result was worthy of a hat trick, our client was very pleased with how this project turned out:

“thank you so much for your help with this project. It looks great!”

Rather it be a simple wall decal for a girl’s bedroom or large wall vinyl graphics, we welcome any any all projects! Have a unique project in mind? Bring it on! If you are interested in a quote or want more information get in touch with us today.